Robot Club 2020

Welcome to Robot Club, our online Holiday Activity sessions for Summer 2020.

Each day this week, a new video will appear, which you can either watch online (or download* if you prefer). 

There are also activity sheets available each day, which can be downloaded from the links below.

Day 1 Play Day 1 Video Download Day 1 Video* Download Day 1 Memory Verse Download Day 1 Activity Sheet Download Day 1 Extra Craft Sheet**
Day 2 Play Day 2 Video Download Day 2 Video* Download Day 2 Memory Verse Download Day 2 Activity Sheet Download Day 2 Extra Craft Sheet**
Day 3 Play Day 3 Video Download Day 3 Video* Download Day 3 Memory Verse Download Day 3 Activity Sheet Download Day 3 Extra Craft Sheet**
Day 4 Play Day 4 Video Download Day 4 Video* Download Day 4 Memory Verse Download Day 4 Activity Sheet Download Day 4 Extra Craft Sheet**
Day 5 Play Day 5 Video Download Day 5 Video* Download Day 5 Memory Verse Download Day 5 Activity Sheet Download Day 5 Extra Craft Sheet**

Each day there will also be a craft activity to try out.

This is a list of the things children will need through the week:

Day 1 – a toilet roll tube, tin foil, white paper, felt pens and glue

Day 2 – a lolly stick, white paper, felt pens and glue

Day 3 – coloured paper, a ruler, felt pens and glue

Day 4 – coloured card, Sellotape, felt pens and glue

Day 5 –  a toilet roll tube, a balloon, coloured paper, felt pens and glue,

Please contact to let us know that you are taking part with us this summer, whether you live in Biggleswade or further away.

Robot Club runs from 20th July 2020 to 24th July 2020,

and is based on ‘Razzamatazz Robots’ by John Hardwick, and used with kind permission. 

NB: The material will stay here for several weeks, so if you can’t join on a specific day, then you can catch up later.

* On slower internet connections, the video may not play smoothly, so choosing to download and then watch the video will allow you to play it without any interruptions. The videos last for approx 30 minutes, and are around 250 – 300Mb in size.

**  The extra Craft Sheet needs to be printed on card