Sharing Jesus in school

Posted on August 1st, 2020 by Biggleswade Baptist Church

Before now, I have always worked for a Christian organisation be it a church or a charity yet somehow my passion for evangelism has increased being in the ‘secular world’. Since February I have been working in the pastoral department at Wootton Upper School and have learnt that will literally take ANY opportunity to share Jesus where possible! 


Since starting my job, we have been on our church weekend away and learnt about serving in our own front line, had Gavin Calver come and speak about how we either ‘use it or lose it’ in regards to the rights we have in sharing our faith and most recently heard Mike Sladen speak on a Sunday about out own mission fields. (Please forgive me Mike if those aren’t the exact words you used!) All of these in what feels like such a short space of time has continued to stir this passion in me for sharing my faith at school. 


I have been at Wootton now for around 4 months and can already recall fantastic conversations I have managed to have with people. On one occasion I spoke to one of the senior leaders of the school about how ‘there must be something more’ as we manned the gate first thing in the morning. I had mentioned I was a Christian and he proceeded to tell me how a beautiful sunset, the Great Barrier Reef and holding his new born son in his arms all makes him wonder if there in something more out there. My heart lept inside as I restrained myself from excitedly shouting ‘THERE IS AND HIS NAME IS JESUS!’ 


On another occasion myself and a Christian colleague of mine had a long theological debate with our line manager about whether or not Jesus is God. He says he knows Jesus was a man and existed and would love to believe but just can’t bring himself to believe it. 


My favourite occasion may be turning up to work one morning and seeing a whole stack of Gideon Bibles on another of my colleagues desk after praying on my drive in minutes before for an opportunity to talk about Jesus with him. If that isn’t a sign slap bang in my face I don’t know what it!!


I know they key to all of these opportunities is prayer. I start praying in my car at the same point of my journey every single day on the way into school. I ask that God would be with me as a navigate the challenges ahead. I ask Him to bless the conversations I have and give me the reassuring words to say to students and parents. But most of all, I pray for an opportunity for speak to people about Jesus. 


That daily prayer has already been answered in the mostly incredible ways and even as I think of them and write this I can’t help feeling a great joy within me. If you asked me about any of these occasions above I could literally talk your ears off. I continue to pray for those people I have mentioned and look forward expectantly to more answers to prayers and opportunities. 


I pray that whoever you are reading this you catch some of the joy I feel and go into your own mission field or front line with that enthusiasm for Jesus!


Love and prayers


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