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Posted on April 20th, 2020 by blogpost

Фото Чья-то рука держит лампочку, через которую видно закат

Martin is having a bit of down time so here is the first guest blog of the week from Mr Mike Sladen:

I don’t have any problem with just sitting and thinking. I know for some of us that can have the dangers of leading down alleys we don’t want to tread. For others of us it allows a spark of a new idea, a flash of inspiration or simply a reminder to get up and go and do something. At the moment ‘go’ may be a limited distance…putting the kettle on is a welcome distraction.
Currently we are having a rash of commentaries and opinions about how things will be unlocked; will children go back to school soon; when will garden centres open; plus a host of unhelpful surmising. Another common thread is that we shouldn’t just go back to living as we have done for years and will find new ways of living (and serving the Lord?).
My sitting and thinking (which is healthily interspersed with sowing swede seeds, setting potatoes and impatiently waiting for tomato plants to be big enough to ‘pot on’) has led me to imagine and feel the urge to look forward!
We have lots of favourite verses but I love Ephesians 3..
Sit, think of someone in your family or BBC. Wait for God to give you a thought about them and ask Him to bless them. Repeat as required.  He works at the limit of His powers and  invites us to have a good imagination.
Moving on completely not seamlessly… My imagination has gone to when we can be out there together and I simply share the thought that one thing we should be praying about and imagining is our response to the people who have emotional and mental health needs. Shorthand is “Renew Wellbeing” . We have had some plans and thoughts but this is a quite uncomplicated thought (for me). Have a look at the website to remind yourself about what Renew groups look like and pray and share with me and others your imaginings.  
God bless, stay well
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