Posted on August 24th, 2017 by Biggleswade Baptist Church

“This place is too small” – Isaiah 49:20

This verse is in the context of God’s promise and plan to return His exiled people, and to increase them so that even the land will seem too small for them. In the midst of media reports of church decline in the UK it is good to bring the balanced reports of so much church growth in many places.

Over the last months we have found that our building is too small to get everyone in on a Sunday morning at our main worship gathering – we have been literally overflowing for some time. So this month we make a big step and start holding two gatherings on Sunday mornings.

Growth is natural in the Kingdom of God – it is the nature of His life in us. In good soil His seed will always grow and produce. It is exciting and challenging. More tasks need to be undertaken. It is an opportunity for more people to get involved and grow in their gifting and ministry.

But we are not just responding to the growth we have experienced, we are preparing the way for the increase we expect. We are not primarily making more space for ourselves, but making room for those who will come to faith and find a spiritual home with us.