“That hath made heaven and earth of nought”

Posted on July 22nd, 2020 by Biggleswade Baptist Church

Photo of Cucumber and Marrow

I’m not sure why it has taken me around three score years and ten to realise this but in the last couple of weeks I have been amazed and astonished by the cucumber and courgette plants that we have growing in the greenhouse and allotment.

What has amazed me is that I have never realised before the incredible and wonderful way that plants grow and produce fruit, it’s something that I am guilty of just taking for granted. It is of course not only true of cucumbers but it was our two cucumber plants that suddenly opened my eyes to this amazing creation. A couple of times a week, we are able to pick cucumbers from these plants and each cucumber is quite substantial – but the level of soil in the pot does not go down and all I provide is a bit (well quite a bit!) of water and from this pot of soil and some water the plant produces these amazing cucumbers. Over on the allotment our courgette plants produce enormous courgettes the size of marrows (and weighing over 5lbs) since I missed a couple of them hiding under the leaves!

All this substantial food is produced almost out of nothing and as I mentioned earlier, I am not sure why I have not been quite so amazed before.
Thinking about this reminded me of a verse in one of the Christmas carols (sorry for bringing that up in July!) –it’s the last verse of The First Noel and it is as true in July as it is in December:


    Then let us all with one accord

    Sing praises to our heavenly Lord

    That hath made heaven and earth of nought,

    And with his blood mankind hath bought.


It was the fact that God created this whole amazing universe out of naught, demonstrated in some way each time a plant produces fruit that suddenly caught me.

It’s reinforced by the spine tingling first few verses of John’s gospel, and here I don’t think you can beat the King James translation “In the beginning was the Word …..All things were made through Him and without Him nothing was made that was made”


Sometimes we need the everyday things to prompt us to remember and marvel at the wonder and amazing nature of our God and as the carol says to sing praises to our Lord God who has not only created something as incredible as this universe from nothing,but also something as humble as a cucumber and also even more importantly loves us so much that He came and gave Himself for each one of us.

That’s something for all of us with one accord to sing praises to our heavenly Lord.




John Ingrey

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